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Public Services & Utilities

We work with a number of public sector bodies to provide a range of mystery shopping services. Projects range from large, complex, scenario-based tracking and compliance studies, to helping with decision making at a local level.

Whilst governmental bodies may wish to assess their own performance, it is common-place for regulatory and advisory bodies to undertake programmes focussing on firms under their control. We advise on overcoming the challenges of multi-firm samples, as well as ensuring data is of high quality and that reports meet government guidelines.

Utilities companies are increasingly using mystery shopping to understand both the experience of their own customers, but also the experience of customers at competitor brands in order to benchmark the customer experience, as well as assessing specifics relating to product, marketing and pricing.

Improving service standards and the customer experience on a large rail network

Using mystery shopping to go beyond Voice of the Customer programmes

GfK UK wins MRS award

Mystery Shopping Public Services and Utilities
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