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Using Mystery Shopping to go beyond Voice of the Customer Programmes

One of the best approaches to understanding both internal and competitor processes is mystery shopping. Not only does mystery shopping allow companies to understand how their own staff are dealing with customers, but also allows companies to understand how competitors are dealing with new customer enquiries (i.e. switchers) and how they are handling their own customers (particularly those looking to leave).

GfK Mystery Shopping is one of the largest dedicated mystery shopping agencies in the UK, with a significant panel of mystery shoppers. When undertaking competitor mystery shopping, shoppers are selected based on their stated gas / electric provider and instructed to undertake an assessment with their current provider (e.g. to test how potential switchers are retained) and / or an assessment with a second provider (e.g. to test how potential new customers are handled).The main areas of focus for utilities clients are 'complaints', 'switching' and 'smart meters'.

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