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Improving service standards and the customer experience on a large rail network



Our client, Transport for London (TfL), is committed to providing the highest standards of service for all its customers. In order to deliver best possible customer experience TfL use mystery shopping to monitor standards of service and highlight any areas for improvement.The mystery shopping solution covers all areas of the customer experience, all of which relate to key drivers of customer satisfaction; from staff presence and the level of customer service provided, to the level of visual and audible information made available at stations and on trains.


The data generated is placed under intense scrutiny, therefore the quality of the data and insights generated are of huge importance. We created a programme with a particular focus on robustness of process and high quality face-to-face panel training, monitoring and in-field support. The sample is designed to measure all stations every four weeks across all time periods.The survey data, including the level of information provided by train drivers through public address announcements, is collected in real-time using a handheld device with off-line collection capability and built in data checks.


Scored outputs are sent directly to station and train managers daily, with all scores made available through an online portal. The programme has been enabling TfL and their front-line staff to monitor customer service levels and understand where improvements can be made. Since the programme started the scores for the level of information provided by drivers have improved by more than a third, just one of the many areas where the programme has been helping deliver real improvements to our client's customer experience.

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Improving service standards and the customer experience on a large rail network
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