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A shopper’s-eye view of your products in-store

It's a competitive market place. Whether your business is in tech, mobile or domestic appliances, you need to compete on all fronts and maximise every opportunity to ensure customers are choosing your product over your competitors'.

In-store positioning, product placement, promotions and staff recommendation all have a vital part to play in people's purchasing decisions - but how do you know what the true customer experience of your product is once it is on the shelf?


Giving you a consumer's-eye view in-store and at the point of sale

Our In-store Recommendation service will provide you with a consumer's-eye view on how your products are promoted and recommended, as well as answers to key questions such as:

  • What is your share of shelf vs. the competition?
  • Are store staff knowledgeable about your products - do they deliver your key messages or promote negative stories?
  • How do recommendations for your product rate against your competitors?
  • What is the quality of the sales interaction and how does this impact purchase? 
  • How can you work with stores to optimize the positioning and recommendation of your product?


Measuring in-store activity against three key metrics

Using our local and international network of shopper panels, we measure points along the consumer's path to in-store purchase against three key metrics:

  1. Visibility: Your share of POS, shelf, current promotions and displays.
  2. Recommendation: The frequency with which your product was recommended and the advocacy rating - its strength, level of enthusiasm and whether the member of staff making the recommendation had good product knowledge. 
  3. Closing the sale: Was the customer encouraged to purchase, was a demonstration given, were positive or negative comments made, what was the likelihood of a purchase being made?


Deliverables give you the power of granular detail and broader insights

Delivery of standardised and custom reporting, provides you with the depth and breadth of intelligence you need to shape your strategy instore.

You'll receive:

  • A scorecard detailing how you are performing across a range of metrics and against competitors
  • Verbatim reports and shopper feedback, including in video format, giving you a real flavour of the customer experience

Critically, we are able to link our In-store Recommendation data with our sales and customer satisfaction data to enable you to see the true impact of in-store activity on purchase.

This helps you to identify what tactics and which strategies have the greatest effect.

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