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How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Getting paid to shop sounds great, but how does it actually work?

1. Check your email

We'll notify you when work is available in your area, so check your email regularly.

2. Choose your mystery shopping jobs

Once you've been notified that there's work in your area, login to our website and select the jobs that you want to do. Our website's easy to use and there's help at hand via our helpline or on Facebook if you're not sure what to do.

Choose a date and time to carry out the job (if possible, group them together so you can do them all in one journey, saving you time.) Once you've accepted a job, you're committed to complete it by a deadline.

The next step is to learn about your task and prepare for your mystery shop.

3. Learn your lines

Being a mystery shopper is all about coming across as a credible, real customer, even though you may not normally shop in the outlet you're assessing.

Read the briefing notes carefully and take the test - once you've passed, you'll be able to download your questionnaire and carry out your shop.

The briefing notes will provide you with background information about the mystery shop, any scenario details that you will need to carry out, and highlight particular aspects of your mystery shop that you need to look out for.

It may seem like a lot to take in, but once you are out there, you are not doing anything that a 'normal' customer wouldn't do.

4. Get out and about

Once you've taken the test and read through the questionnaire, get out there and do the mystery shop.

Act naturally - no-one is watching you, or knows that you are a mystery shopper.

Complete the mystery shop according to the briefing notes and on the date and time that you committed to.

As soon as you're out of sight of the outlet, complete your questionnaire before you forget any details.

Our helpline team are there to help you if something doesn't go to plan.

5. Report the results

Log back in to our website and report your results to us on the same day as the mystery shopping job. The system's available 24/7.  If you don't enter results within the specified time we may be unable to pay you and will allocate that mystery shopping assessment to someone else.

We often report to clients within 24hrs of your visit, so we rely on you to enter accurate and detailed observations whilst they are still fresh in your mind.

6. Get paid

Once you've entered your results, and the system checks are run, you'll be paid for your work.

All mystery shoppers are paid once a month by electronic transfer of funds direct into your bank account.

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